Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations

Revised Edition (1990)
816 pp., indexed, hard cover

$40.00 (postpaid in U.S.)

by Mildred (Mosher) Chamberlain and Laura (McGaffey) Clarenbach

Praise for the 1980 edition!
"A masterful job."
Frederick E. Bauer, Associate Librarian, American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, MA, September 3, 1981.
"It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a well written and documented book."
Vivian Hill Jordan, Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, TX, February 19, 1981.
"A very well researched genealogy."
National Genealogical Society Quarterly, September 1981.
"Best example of a family history I have come across — the family organization and presentation are just great."
Joan Kirchman Mitchell, Tuskaloosa, AL, July 19, 1983.
"Became one of my most cherished possessions almost immediately."
William V. Mosher, Champaign, IL, September 9, 1980.
"Am filled with admiration for your achievements, especially the clean, faultless presentation."
John Mosher, Saltzburg, Austria, May 24, 1983.

This book, a revision of the 1980 edition, is a record of the descendants of the Hugh Mosher who was born about 1633 and was in Rhode Island by 1660, later living in Portsmouth and Newport, Rhode Island, and in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He and his wife Rebecca (Maxson) Mosher were probably the progenitors of most of the Moshers living in the United States and Canada. The history again covers seven generations of the family, plus names (and birthdates if known) of children of seventh generation parents, some born as late as 1910.

The revised edition adds 296 families to the 1,081 in the 1980 edition. The "Other Mosher Families" section in the 1980 book is omitted, but many of those families are in the main part of the new book. The revised edition also has additional information about many of the 1,081 families in the 1980 edition.

The section on "Hugh Mosher’s Disputed Ancestry" in the 1980 book is replaced by "English Ancestry: The Moger Family of Somersetshire," which includes copies and abstracts of records that provide convincing evidence of the identities of the parents and grandparents of the Hugh Mosher who settled in Rhode Island and another Hugh Mosher who settled in Maine. (Neither the 1980 nor the 1990 edition covers the descendants of the Hugh Mosher who settled in Maine.)

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